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Application of target Sputtering targets


Sputtering targets are mainly used in electronic and information industries, such as integrated circuits, information storage, liquid crystal display, laser memory, electronic control devices, etc .; can also be used in the field of glass coating; can also be used in wear-resistant materials, , High-end decorative supplies and other industries.
According to the shape can be divided into long target, square target, round target, shaped target
According to the composition can be divided into metal target, alloy target, ceramic compound target
According to the application of different is divided into semiconductor-related ceramic target, recording medium ceramic target, display ceramic target, superconducting ceramic target and giant magnetoresistance ceramic target
According to the application field, it is divided into microelectronic target, magnetic recording target, optical disc target, precious metal target, thin film resistive target, conductive film target, surface modified target, mask target, decorative layer target, Electrode target, package target, other target
Magnetron sputtering principle: in the sputtering target (cathode) and the anode between the addition of an orthogonal magnetic field and electric field, in the high vacuum chamber filled with the required inert gas (usually Ar gas), permanent magnet in the target The surface of the material to form a magnetic field of 250 ~ 350 Gaussian, with the high voltage electric field composed of orthogonal electromagnetic field. Under the action of the electric field, Ar gas ionization into positive ions and electrons, the target with a certain negative pressure, the electrons emitted from the target by the role of the magnetic field and the working gas ionization probability increases in the vicinity of the cathode to form high-density plasma Body, Ar ions in the role of Lorentz force to accelerate the flight to the target surface, at a high speed bombardment of the target surface, so that the sputtering of the target atoms follow the momentum conversion principle with a high kinetic energy from the target fly The substrate is deposited and deposited. Magnetron sputtering is generally divided into two kinds: tributary sputtering and RF sputtering, which tributary sputtering equipment is simple, in the sputtering of metal, its rate is also fast. The use of RF sputtering is more extensive, in addition to sputtering conductive material, but also sputtering non-conductive materials, while the Department of reactive sputtering preparation of oxides, nitrides and carbides and other compounds. If the RF frequency increases after becoming a microwave plasma sputtering, commonly used electronic cyclotron resonance (ECR) type microwave plasma sputtering.

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