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high precision titanium forgings forged ASTM B381 block


ASTM B363 Titanium Alloy Gr2 Reducing Flanges, Titanium UNS R50400 Ring Type Joint Flanges Manufacturer

Titanium Gr2 SORF Flanges, Titanium DIN 3.7035 Blind Flanges, Titanium Gr2 Orifice Flanges, Titanium Alloy Gr2 Long Weld Neck Flanges Exporter.

Ganpat Industrial Corporation offers high quality of Grade 2 Titanium Flanges, where our engineers employ advanced technology in the production process to manufacture these products. Titanium Grade 2 Pipe Flanges is often used in Aerospace industry, Chemical and marine applications, Electroplating industry, Medical industry, and more. Compared to the other grades of commercially pure titanium, Titanium Grade 2 Slip On Flanges is slightly weaker than Grade 3, but stronger than Grade 1 and equally resistant to corrosion. As a single-phase material, properties of Titanium Grade 2 Blind Spectacle Flanges are controlled by chemistry (iron and interstitial impurity elements) and grain size.

Meanwhile, these Titanium Grade 2 products are also being offered in different sizes and shapes to our customers. We also offer the same at leading industry prices.

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