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Introduction of titanium screws


Titanium screws, and general stainless steel, iron, copper screws are the same, but the material is titanium material, the general titanium material is pure titanium TA2 and titanium alloy TC4 material. Titanium screws raw materials are more expensive, to do is also very beautiful, it seems handicrafts, titanium acid corrosion, so the general price of titanium screws are relatively high.

Product: Titanium screws, titanium bolts, titanium nuts, titanium screws

Material: TA1, TA2, TC4, Gr1, Gr2, Gr5

Specifications: M4 ~ M25 × L

Standard: GB DIN ISO

1. Titanium screws: round screws, tapping screws, hex screws, countersunk head screws, flat head screws, square head screws, double head screws, non-standard screws, fastening screws, standard screws,

2 .. Titanium bolts: Hexagon socket bolts, square neck bolts, semi-round head bolts, countersunk bolts, carriage bolts, sets of pad bolts, all kinds of instrument lathe bolts, special-shaped non-standard bolts Uses: electroplating, aluminum oxidation ), Chemical, table industry, medicine, aquaculture, electronic hardware, plastic and other industries.

3. Hex nut nuts, self-locking nuts, round nuts, knurled nuts, slotted nuts, hexagonal nuts for precision machinery, non-standard nuts.

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