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Our TItanium bolcks​ have been used in all kinds of areas


TItanium bolck manufactured by forging technique. Titanium forgings are the product of a metallurgical process in which titanium is given a particular shape by the application of a strong compressive force. The pressure applied during the metal forging process shapes the titanium and also causes plastic deformation in the grain structure of the metal, so that the grain flow follows the shape of the piece. Thus, forging is both an efficient way of forming titanium as well as a way to improve its directional strength. 

Materials:Forged Steel Block

1.Forged Steel Shaft

2.Forged Steel Tube

3.Forged Steel Rings

4.Forged Steel Block

5.Forged Stainless steel

6.Special-shaped forgings

7.Forged Steel Cylinder

8.Forged Steel Round Bar



100Cr6,A2,H21,SKD61,SKD11 ,5140,40Cr,5145,5130

Standards:ASTM,JIS,GB,EN(DIN,BS,NF) Or Per as clients’ requires.

Company Main Products:

Alloy Steel



Tool Steel



Bearing Steel


Spring Steel



Stainless Steel



Product Basic Information:

1.Product Application Areas:

Our products have been used in all kinds of areas, such as aviation,aerospace,navigation,nuclear energy,chemical

industry,electronic information,achine manufacture, petrochemical, automotive,instrument and meter, Communication ,

transportation, and medical instruments, etc.

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