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The main performance of titanium rod filter


1. Good sealing, compact structure, easy to damage. titanium rods applicabled to the production site more harsh working conditions, no maintenance costs;

2. The filter solution, adsorbent, catalyst no adsorption loss of the problem, do not change the original composition of the working medium;

3. Non-toxic, non-magnetic, no shedding, biological integration is good, because of this performance, so titanium rod filter is widely used in the pharmaceutical industry, food and beverage industry;

4. Small footprint, high temperature, and titanium rods antioxidant, suitable for a variety of acid and alkali salts and a variety of organic solvents, high temperature precision filtration;

5. Easy disassembly, filter structure and diverse, to meet a variety of filtering requirements;

6. High filtration accuracy, can be more than 0.2 micron particles particles filter.

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