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we could supply special shape and dimension Molybdenum plate according to customer's requirement.


Density≥10.0g/cm3         Purity: 99.95%

Length: 100-2000mm      Width: 50mm-550mm

Thickness: 2mm-400mm  

Appearance: Silver gray metallic luster.          

Also we could supply special shape and dimension according to customer's requirement.

Application: Molybdenum plate is widely used in the construction of furnace tooling and parts and as a feed stock for the fabrication of parts for the electronics and semiconductor industries, making parts for electrical light sources, high temperature shields, boats and high temperature containers


Density≥9.6g/cm3           Purity: 99.95%

Thickness: 0.2-2mm         Width: 50-550mm



Used for making lighting sources parts, high temperature shields, boats, high temperature container etc.

Molybdenum sheet is used for heater of electronic vacuum furnace and heat-insulation screen, Molybdenum round sheet to produce Molybdenum boat and electric power semiconductor, raw materials to make vacuum light house. Forming the molybdenum powder with isocratic pressing, and with the technology of hot rolling, annealing, washing with alkali, cold rolling ,cutting, leveling off after the molybdenum sheet billet is formed by sintering with medium frequency furnace, molybdenum sheets have the excellent characteristic of brightness and smoothness on the surface and well reprocessing.


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